The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


S H I T ! ! !


@Kj_11 only went out once he stopped playing the bombs & switched tack, so it’s prolly a wise strategy. Hopefully, a few other party animals rock up. The Boomers are getting cranky. Gotta cook. Carry on.


You missed it when Anastasios played skydive. Classic


Yep, am gutted that I missed him spinning that track. I have Future Entertainment’s ‘Decade of Dance’ DVD & that track features on it. Gunna burn these steaks. Later.


Didn’t know what it was at first. I remember it now.

Fark yes.

Go hard or go home.


Also love the Richard Durand remix.


3-4 but we knew these vote before they landed. Up to the rest of the crowd now.




Paging @Paul_Peos @barnz @anastasios1979 @Davo


Timely party mode for me. Wife and I have just finished our shift for the week. Having a few Heiny’s and making a beef rending from scratch.

Things are good.


HaHa Love it





Rendang from scratch, thats a fair effort. Wouldn’t it take hours of cooking?


Ha, stuff that, I just picked up one on the way home from “work”. Gonna put the proper sound system on now




I gave it a red hot go but just not my thing. no


All good, this stuff isn’t the most accessible if you don’t really like it to start with.



Trance is not really my scene, missed it by about a decade but does bring back memories of a nightclub in Goa India and being offered hard drugs by the handful. Whilst I didn’t accept the drugs I did have a blast.



Goa Trance. Has it been played in these threads yet? I have some rare & epic stuff somewhere. Out of interest, what year was that LB?

p.s. Mad respect, LB. You have such a diverse range of musical interests & are open-minded to most stuff.


I was there in start of 2007. May not have been true trance, I was a bit drunk and it was a long time ago, but the palm tree evoked memories.

edit: sent you a PM @JohnRain