The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


With prep it took about 3 hrs. 2hrs of simmering for the rump and paste.

It was tip top.


What’s the difference between Goa trance and what was just played? I’ve heard some Goa trance that I quite liked.


Goa trance is less about the builds and has more acid synth lines.

It predates Psy Trance, so if you know that, its similar but Psy Trance is way more full on. Goa is more mellow and dreamy.


Thanks, Goa is definitely more my thing but the Psy stuff is OK too.


If you like Psy Trance, Infected Mushroom are/ were awesome.

Re: Goa Trance. Have to plug a Japanese dude here. Tsuyoshi Suzuki and his Matsuri Productions were well-known for their Goa Trance material. As for your question, it requires a more detailed explanation, so I will prolly PM you.




BTW, for those reading this and thinking ‘WTF are these fruit loops going on about?’ The track that PP2 just played is neither Goa Trance or Psy Trance. It’s just…well…Trance. Lesson over.


When I first joined the Navy, I was already nearly twice the age of many of the guys I joined with. One of the guys I shared a cabin with thought I would hate his music, so I asked him to play some and he was surprised that I liked most of it. As I said to him, music is about rhythm and melodies. If you have those, even if they are foreign to your ear, you can find joy in what you are listening to.

The thing with music is that it is so relative to the time and place. Sitting at home, reading a book, give me background noise , be it classical, opera, rock, classic hits whatever. When I’m driving interstate, I love country, or something like Barnes, it is just perfect. If I’m having a quiet beer in a pub, give me a bloke with an acoustic guitar. If I’m out with mates at a pub, give me rock. Going to a nightclub 30 years ago, give me new wave, give me new romantics, give me hair metal. Going to one 15 years ago give me Trance, give me EDM. Going to a nightclub now, give me a lift home, I shouldn’t be there.


I loved this :joy:


I officially have a ‘man crush’ on you. This is EXACTLY how I feel about music. Cheers, LB.


Been a fun few hours in this thread, drying up now though…


I do wonder how many are watching SOO league.


I’ll be sure to hold it close to my nose - it may be needed.


for anyone interested here (the first half) is a bit of an explanation of some electronic styles:


It’s the proper volatile stuff. Make sure you’re not smoking a ciggie.


Art of Trance -
Even I have this somewhere.

Early bed - England vs Croatia in the morn.


I was gunna do likewise. Decided to send the missus on a grog run. She is back. All-nighter - here we come.


Yeah I’m just killing time trying to piece together who John Rain is…


Sorry, no to that trance. It’s just a little too much a leap away from my electronic tunage comfort zone.


No …thats the type of electronic music that makes me sick…dont worry ive expereienced them all from the summer of love to deepest darkest NYC @ Shelter @ body abd soul…