The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


No …thats the type of electronic music that makes me sick…dont worry ive expereienced them all from the summer of love to deepest darkest NYC @ Shelter @ body abd soul…


Do you really wanna know?

Plenty on here know. Just not you. :rofl:

p.s. You have to make it through this song.


7-9 in big trouble


Left Foot… God bless! You don’t know how happy we are to see you…


If im out do you want a go @Hesonlygotaleftfoot been a long time between drinks for you?


why not ill have another ill play italo house first up lol

it may be while between songs though…


Last call for the electronic/dance music train…

@Paul_Peos - you are meant to be a KOK, act like one.

@Clark_Griswold - time to get over your dummy spit. OK, your idea fell on flat ears. I am trying to get it up behind the scenes. You need to step up, buddy.

@Davo - have you even voted?


i don’t mind a bit of italo house if I’m honest.

Well only one more No needed, give you time to dig for a good opener


Davo liked the clip but didnt vote :man_facepalming:


Is this code for I am PM’ing everybody?


I’m pulling an all-nighter, so I really hope you make it through. That way, you must spin all night. Actually, I think I mentioned an idea for a 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. set a while ago. #crickets.


Haha Ive always been intrigued but don’t really want to ask.

100% i’ve either seen you Dj or we would have met before I’m sure.




The King has arrived!


Nah, but my theory, and it is only a theory, is that there have been many cool and innovative ideas thrown up re: DJ King ideas, but very little follow through with them. I will step up now and say that I liked both @Clark_Griswold ideas and also @Kira ideas. I will help them set it up, if others are too busy/lazy/ambivalent about it. I reckon it is the conservatism that has scared people off, but again, that is just my opinion.

Please have a rethink about the cool ideas thrown up and consider any others. We are approaching 30,000 posts. That is just insane, especially given the number of punters who play this game. I am all for mixing it up from DJ King MKIV. What say you, fellow DJs?


Someone come and put this mangy dog of a song down…


All hail the King!


TBH i cant remember their ideas, you need to re-outline them, Jez had a good one the other day too.


Let’s keep the comeback rolling. Two votes to nirvana (may not be the band getting played).


JR, I don’t mind the idea of a shake-up either.
Fair to say, things have levelled off significantly.
Anything that gets things moving quicker, attracts newcomers etc. is good, right?