The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


I swear John logged in as Peos just to vote


I’m a fan of the idea of cutting the votes down to 5 yes or no to help speed things up, and also of the idea of posting a 5 song themed set, to be voted on.


So never trust John-san then :wink:






AAAAHHHHHHH the old 9-9 bring in the kill shot post


Damn out of likes and it’s 9-9


Cheers, mate.

OK, I know I am no longer a KOK, although I’m sure plenty would beg to differ, however, a few senior punters are stepping up now and supporting the idea of change. Cheers to those who have. So, to manage this effectively, why don’t we have a chinwag about how we would like DJ MKIV to look in 1000 posts from now? I definitely wanna see @Kira back here, as he is one of my all time fav posters. I also thought @Clark_Griswold put up an excellent suggestion. Can we at least discuss/debate these ideas around the 9,500 post mark?




I also liked the idea (prob not in this thread) that someone threw out there of Blitzers posting their own songs. It’d be ballsy, that’s for sure…


I can’t figure out how to post my own stuff. :blush:

P.S. I still support the MrJez rule of 10-10


Live FB feeds, dude.



Why wait? if i get through i have the perfect closing track :wink: and we can start fresh tomorrow.


haha booooooooo


Put it on Souncloud then post a link?
Was told that by…erm… a friend…


@Hesonlygotaleftfoot you are up.


Hang on. Was Wim referring to the proposed changes or the song? Unclear?


Definitely the song.
He pm’d me…


Anyway that was thoroughly enjoyable. Had a blast playing those last 2 tracks.

A set of Barry White, Otis, Korn and Ferry Costen. Thats eclectic!

Thank again to @swoodley for the nomination even if you regretted it later.

I even got a few Yes’s from @BAAKKEERRRR


It must be spelled out or its invalid!!!


Its Late

I promised italo house…

This is what we used to listen to in ibiza!