The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible




Hold up. We need clarification from Wim.


I’ll yes the song dont mind it.

Sample is bugging me, i know there is another song that uses it, but i cant place it.


lmao think you’re getting your wires crossed JR he was referring to wim.

maybe to much grog already?! :beers: :wine_glass::tumbler_glass:


Looks like he said no


I said no!


Wim and his fckn PMs…

Cost me a set the last time he did this.

Soz, PP2. Was confused.

Go ahead - Lefty.


Geez…I got over two minutes in and it didn’t seem to change one bit…is that how it goes for the entire 10.31?

My vote is No


Boo, listen to the whole song.


Well it was 1989 and you know well we were never in a rush in those days and as a dj it was always a great record to take a ■■■■ to!


someone help me out?


My favourite part about the dance/trance/club/electronic songs getting spun is that they go for 7-10 mins yet someone can slam a no on it 2 mins after it’s posted.


Fark that…what have I ever done to you that you would willingly subject me to 10.31 minutes of that???


If it hasn’t gone anywhere after two minutes, there’s a good chance it’s not going anywhere after 10


Slagged me off viciously about my brilliant Muggers song.:kissing_heart:


I really feel you…

The intro and outro on most tracks last for minutes. That’s how they were produced.

I have searched for ‘shortened’ versions of classic tracks, however, they are rare.



The all knowing says that the sample comes from here:


I cannot recall such an event your honour


Thanks Auroura. You are a fine witness.


Did I tell that I am currently suffering from the most severe case of man flu…my memory is very hazy at present