The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible





Can someone check, please? Watching the tennis :tennis:



I’m watching Le Tour


Not a song I enjoyed, but I will give you a YES vote just for having the balls to post a song more than 10 minutes long that was always going to be a 50:50 proposition.





i may not be back till 6 pm am off on a train ride to a coal mine today if you cant wait or if i lose Klawdy is the new king


wow…what just happened…


Yes to the track - goes well with my early morning coffee.


10mins of that? taking the ■■■■.

Hell farking no




I’ve just worked out that we’ve had a DJ change lol
I thought that PP was posting from a different account.


Different DJ, same ■■■■ music.


Hey gang. Sorry for the lack of KOKing in the last few days, just got some real life sh*t to deal with. (Nothing too serious, but just need to pay attention to something other than this for a little while.)

As @JohnRain is bursting out of his pants to be in charge again, and as I doubt anybody will really object, I offer you the role of KOK Regent.

I’ll still be around and voting when I can, but I can’t do this thread full time at the moment. I’ll be back, though.

As for the rule changes… Fark yes, I’m all for suggestions. This format has run its course.


No to the song.




What @swoodley said…
Felt like I was in some ■■■■■■ overpriced and over-rated Collingwood bar.
Got to 3 minutes, went nowhere. Scanned the rest to prove that it did in fact go nowhere.






I kinda liked the breathy vocals. Too sleepy to put up a fight. yes