The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible





Thanks kindly, but the thread is mature enough as is & works fine without me stinking it up.

Happy to hear you support a discussion of ideas for MKIV. The current format has worked really well & I’m keen to retain the basic skeleton. Saying that, I think it would be cool/fun to mix it up with some of the suggestions already put forward & any others. Let’s discuss when you are back. Hopefully, @Kira & @Clark_Griswold will be back by then as well.




Unlucky @Hesonlygotaleftfoot. I liked it. Cheers for the nomination.






I’m sure you’ll get a few first spinners, but it’s a no from me.


The all-nighter has caught up with me. Off for a nap. Liked that song. Yes.


At least it’s not a clean sweep of no’s. Thanks.


felt nothing.



It’s very mid-90’s Dribble J.
Didn’t love it, but it was far from horrible.


Yeah that’s exactly what it is. A bit of Aussie “talent” that’s still doing the pubs around the traps.


Yes, reckon it is one of those songs that gets much better with a few listens. Enough there for me first up. Yes.


I didn’t like it



3-5… …gulp.


Yes, it’s rave day Thursday, need to get Klawdy to the arvo.


I thought it was a bit early to get the bass thumping. Should have just ripped straight in.


The slavs are up and about.


You unknowable ■■■■■■■.