The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


What I meant by the proposed changes was to aid with this problem. Up to 7 means songs get turned over faster - more songs equals more DJs.

Also, the battle means no one ever has to die on a single spin again. If your first spin is a bust, you get a second go with your battle. You may even win and get many more songs in.

Further to that, everyone gets more turns. Battles means more call ups, means more songs you can play yourself.

I say even drop the list of when people spun and how many turns they’ve had. If you’re here you just might be up again sooner than you expected. A busier more involved experience for all.


On the contrary a true friend encourages a friend to play the cheesiest song possible and take the fall.

Bwahaha evil laugh.


If we’re changing the rules I want a manifesto, preferably signed in blood.


I like your manifesto, put it to the testo




Had this on my list Yes


I reckon most of us realise that going out on a first spin is pretty harsh and have relaxed the standards on the first couple of spins then increase the degree of difficulty gradually after that. The optional battle is a great idea.

Accordingly I was going to give this a yes but my son poked his head through the door and asked, “WTF is this? It’s terrible and so generic. The chord progression has been used a million times. So boring.” I asked him if I could quote his comments and he said, “Please do, they need to know.”

Sorry Klawdy but I have been swayed by a better musician than I. no


Let him know that it wasn’t released today and the chord progression was original at the time.*

*possibly untrue.


He laughed at your response and suggested you play some Gregorian chant next…


I would challenge any musician who claims they written an “original” chord progression.


Oh Delirium! Tell him thanks.




Silence was already played…


Oh it was Enigma I was thinking of anyway.


Beat me to it Enigma Sadness, i’d yes it.


Don’t really like the song sorry. No.


What’s the vote?




OK @Klawdy has left the building I have his next song and successor via PM.



Have to head out for the next 4-5 hours, so will miss the rave (if it’s on).