The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


Why are you getting close enough to know?




I like to look a dweeb dead in the eye when I give him a royal thumping.


I’m special!


Can someone sum up this battle idea, preferably without a sob story attached?


Have you watched 8 Mile…there’s some sort of relevant reference in that movie




So people are going to battle…

It’d be like Eminem battling a grump old man in a retirement home who’ve spent the last 5 years reminiscing on how music used to be better back in the day. Completely biased and anything new has no chance and regardless they’ve already picked their old man as their guy… Baaakkker is scared of technology in music ffs.


You pick who you battle, so go for a hack DJ.

And then be in complete shock when they spin Achy Breaky Heart and spank your ■■■ when the boomers praise the bravery.


Can someone sum up this battle idea, preferably without a sob story attached?

Say for example you go out after your first spin or two and you want to keep playing. You get the option of challenging your successor. e.g. you might suggest Davo but you get to have a battle to decide which DJ continues. So you might say to Davo, Ï challenge you to a bjork duel in which case both of you play a Bjork or Bjork related track and the first person to 5 votes gets to be DJ. Importantly you get to choose the person you battle so you can remove any biases e.g. boomer, 90s grunge whatever.


I’m going to nominate Lamgers4 as my opponent every time.


Achy Breaky Heart would be brave and farkin stupid. This Old House by Shakin’Stevens on the other hand would be awesome.


Yeah, well I’m gonna spell his name right and beat you to it.


Yes to the song by the way

also makes it 10 - 6 next song


Let’s just turn the whole thread into battle thread. Every spin it’s two songs. Swoodlys goth rock vs KJ’s beats. Sleazy diggers vs Crazy’s cat wailing.

Winner stays on.

That would be fun!


I like the battles idea but wouldn’t that be a new thread altogether?


So I get to choose the person…so my choices are 99% boomers and 1% people that are flyins like wob/barnz and 99% of boomers voting on said songs. So now I’m going to have to listen to 2 boomer songs instead of 1. And I have to pick something more boomery than my opponent otherwise I lose…and also you’re saying there’s a very strong chance, based on the sooks in this thread that can’t take banter that I never get another spin again because they’d never vote me in? Zimmer is still carrying scars from months ago because he couldn’t take a joke.

And trust me if you challenged me to a Bjork duel there would be no losers in that one.


You have the option to choose the genre so you get two songs that you might like and get to play to your strengths. Oh yeah, I’d beat you in a Bjork duel easily.


Enough with your farken sob stories already