The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


Ok from @Klawdy via PM




“I choose…classic 70’s rock”


Yes to this song


I haven;t played any Suzi Q yet. You’re goin’ down.


Have you heard of a band called ACDC?


“I choose…classic triple m hits”


I think you must have posted a dud link…I waited all the way through but never got any vocals


Mozart didn’t need vocals and he did alright.


He had the chord progressions worked out pretty well too.


Did he steal them is the question?


Infected mushroom and Juno reactor. My go to goa


I kinda liked that and I doubt my boy is gonna stick his head through the door to convince me otherwise 'çause I can smell weed. yes


He didn’t get them from Salieri that’s for sure.


I’m not scared of technology, I’m scared of s h i t music.
And this is pure, undiluted, noxious excrement.
■■■■ off


Isn’t Infected Mushroom Dubstep? I’m into some of that but don’t know how the genres are defined, not that I really give a stuff.


No again.

Maybe I should just stop coming to the thread until after @Klawdy is done :slight_smile:


More recently they are, older stuff definately not. Not sure it’s really Goa though having had a moment to think about it




I think some of the definitions are a bit narrow. 12 months ago I would have lumped Goa, Psy, EDM and Dubstep into the same basket. Think of Rock for example, it encompasses a really wide variety of styles.

I’m giving Army of Mushrooms a listen. I like it, definitely dubstep.