The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


This, so much this, was having Melissa Tkautz flashbacks.


Ditto that, dude. The time sig changes…




I was listening to this song a few months ago…from memory…comments on YouTube pointed out that it is Simon Baker dancing with his shirt off.


I’m leaving the dance floor now to go fill up my water bottle.

No, sorry.


I vote yes to all new rules and I give my proxy to @JohnRain or at @Preliminary_Point2 to vote on my b half given I will be on planes for the next 24 hours. Well 24 hours in 12 hours time…


Yes to song


Safe partying. That’s why you’re KOK!




Ha, I was always the guy at the rave reminding people that water was an essential element to living


Good to see you back, Sparky. Your battle idea looks like getting up from MKIV.


Ha. I did the same to a mate who partied with us for the ‘very first time’.

We also reminded him to use the toilet frequently to avoid water toxicity. We couldn’t find him for hours. Then - discovered that he had locked himself in the dunny & was trying to force himself to take a leak - for hours. Poor bloke. :grin:

p.s. Trying to get him out of there was a mission.


Anyone hanging around so I can pm a track?


I’m off to bed in about 10.


For the record, I don’t like the Battle idea as an add-on to this game.

I like it as a seperate thread idea, or that’s what the thread becomes, but not at the end of a current-style set.

The ‘first to 7’ is a no brainer atm though.


Alright I’m out. The big Deck has my next if I snag another vote.

Play tunes willy nilly if boredom sets in.




Ok, I’m off to bed.
I have Klawdy’s next track if I’m up earlier than he, and this gets through.


I don’t like this song at all. no


Absolutely yes!