The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear


Yeah but she’s hot as.


Add to that - how many females went through doesn’t really give you useful info. There’s been thousands of tracks played.


I’m batting at her.


In all truthfulness, I’m not familiar with a lot of her work but she delivers a pop song very well and if she also writes her own songs, then she is talented and hot.


Have a yes for getting a photo of yourself in the video. That image must have been taken mid review of a song with plenty of sax in it.


Well, at a quick glance, I reckon I am around 19-0 for female singers, including an Aussie female singer to win the inaugural Blond DJ comp, so you can all get stuffed with your silly misogynist theories. :grin:




Except I can guarantee no one has ever voted no to a male with “too many males in a row”.



And a first ball yes


I’ll throw you in a first ball Yes, mainly for the Boronia story.
I lived up the road in Wantirna at the time and would’ve happily travelled down the road to punch you in the head if I’d seen u in that outfit. Or better still made u punch urself in the head. :blush:

Even though you No’d most of my songs :angry:



Old photo of you?


What do you mean, old??


Yeah, but you’re about 125-8 on males, and 34-0 on instrumentals.:wink:


Have a yes 7-2


Are those figures accurate or did you just pluck a duck em? :grin:


Really liked these guys early days but they seem to have gone more and more Simple Minds style arena music with each album…


Editors equals automatic Yes




Yes to editors.