The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear






“Promised you a miracle” NO NO NO NO, NO






They’re OK, yeah.

You’re up again @BAAKKEERRRR





Yes for JEW


That is so derivative of just about every 00’s band that got radio airtime. Nope


■■■ yesums




No thank you


Oh yeah, forgot to mention the fact that this is compressed to the bejeezus Mr compression slagger offerer.


So this was my assumption, but then I realized I don’t know too much about 2000’s punk/rock/pop. I sort of lost touch with music sadly and was too busy working. A mate berated me in about 2003, gave me the strokes first album and told me to get my ■■■■ together and listen to it… anyway, I am basing this purely on the song with few reference points… even though I can almost picture 4 American twats with punkish hair that took an hour and a $400k video clip… I liked the song. yes.


This is every generic song from the start of every generic teen high school flick from the late 90’s early 2000’s, played as the camera sprawls over the school in an establishing shot with opening credits.

Inoffensive but no


A very generic, run-of-the-mill, vanilla yes.





And let’s test your memories. Who remembers Jez-san’s story involving this band?


My DJ name?