The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear


No, but I do remember you playing JEW…



Consider this a warning.


You can’t play. :joy:


Haha Karmas a generic ■■■■■


It’s no secret I don’t like EDM. I do however like some electro, especially 80s electro.
This has influenced plenty of EDM artists and been regularly sampled.
In the spirit of lemon jumpers and knitted belts, and that Maniac gold from the other week…

PS that’s Jo Callis from The Rezillos (played here a couple of times) on one of the keyboards)




YES don’t need to listen, off one of my favourite albums of all time.


Your a game man playing synth’s


Triple yes

I would have played The Black Hit of Space and got voted off.




Better question:

Who cares?



Human League eh?

Probably THE WORST concert I’ve ever attended…god, they were crap in concert.

But in the studio…they were good.

Have a Yes


Is he the one that’s borrowed your pants and shoes?


Synth-pop more than a pure electro sound. I like quite a bit of synth-pop, but just can’t stand the vocalist on this one. No.


Shut up, 2 spin loser. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Synth-pop with crap vocals? I was so wanting to commit hari-kari with Ricky Gervais’ band. You’ve gotta hear that to believe it…


That’s a bit much coming from an ex KoK

Is this your new hobby farm?


I see what you did there


You can only aspire to those heights, Salty one. :grin:


Dammit…I will never get there.

My penchant for playing awesome music keeps getting me kicked out by the music neanderthals who inhabit this thread.