The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear


Given the quality education I’ve received this evening, I better vote YES for this sell-out electro band playing a synth-pop tune.


Or they were one then morphed into the other


Correct. One of the first synth pop bands and a great one too.


Sorry for ranting. This is pretty much my musical origin story. Punkish Electro Goth hybrid weird stuff. I would absolutley love to start a band with like minded people playing weird ■■■■ like early Human League but I can’t find anybody like that. Everybody I know is either dead or fried.


No, I’m not. Unlike you, I have more than two YouTube playlists (prog rock & metal). :wink:


If I didn’t live o/s I’d tuck my Microkorg under my arm and head on over.


They got played in Blond DJ didn’t they.


Expedient yes


Or Hambo could just move to Japan.


hey Mr Music Snob

What track have you played that went out on a limb like my Josh Groban effort?

Mr ED Farken M :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I reckon I have spun between 20-30 (maybe more) different genres across the DJ King threads, Swoods. Not two.


One of my Psych Carni mates did that.


Was Lambda/Omega Mu electro or synth-pop?


Awesome. I’ll check out your mate’s graffiti book.


20-30 different EDM genres are still just EDM dude

Who else has devoted an entire (lengthy unfortunately) session to the history of a genre…nobody but you

I could say that the metal tracks come from a variety of metal types but you just lump them all together

And you forgot to answer my Josh Groban question :stuck_out_tongue:

For bonus points, could you tell me if it was prog rock or metal as I didn’t think it fell under either category



Play another song


The short film featuring Stelarc won some sort of sound award. I did the sound, not credited. grrrrrr


It was a unique concept & apparently well-received.

I didn’t forget. I chose to ignore it. You know how to use Excel. Enjoy scrolling back through my songs (plenty of them are non-EDM) & you’ll be able to answer your question. Hint: maybe Jez-san has already answered it. That song was so brilliant that it is unclassifiable in terms of genre.


Ha…so you admit that I play more than 2 genres

I accept your humble acknowledgement of the incorrectness of your previous accusation


Hope you got paid for it. Sounds like a cool/interesting dude. I’ll follow him up. Cheers.