The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear


Where did I admit that?

My last sentence was referring to my Revenge of the Nerds song. It flew straight over your head, Mr. Two Genres. :rofl:


Nice (attempted) cover up but we both know you were referring to the Josh Groban masterpiece that I played.

You’ve been way more successful at this game than me…but…

My Josh Groban song is better than all of the stuff you’ve played

(If only the music neanderthals could understand that bwahahahahahahaha)


The dude with the smoke in his mouth jonhny:



You’re a cantankerous old coot, but a bl#ody good sport & I like you, Swoods. Enjoy your evening.


Cheers mate…do you need any song recommendations so that you can expand your somewhat limited collection?


From the Hadean eon? :grin:


They had some pretty good rock music back in those days :joy: :joy:


If you’re using Josh Groban to prove anything, you’re wrong.


Bugger off you royalist scumbag


I’ll pay that one. It’s a keeper & good to see your salt levels dropping. You were losing your marbles earlier.


Is that another dig at my music tastes? :wink:


Make of that what you will. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just so that you can stop these unwarranted attacks on my music preferences (or lack thereof according to you), I would just like to let you know that as I type, I am listening to some Natalie Imbruglia…neither rock not metal but quite enjoyable anyway


I bid you a good night, Mr. Three Genres.


I was hoping to get up to four genres but the shuffle option has just kicked in some Guns N Roses (does Hair Metal count as different? :wink: )


If you dig deeply enough you can probably find 5 different genres within Hair Metal!


That’s what I like to hear :laughing:


Well, that was some solid banter right there.

Spewing I missed it all.


oi @BAAKKEERRRR it’s supposedly 7-3 although I can only count 6-3


Swoods seems pretty keen for more.