The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


Or trance


It wasn’t them, it was me :frowning:


Spin 'er up again.


its not friyay yet.


Is coercion allowed pre-set? I can promise something unorthodox if this next song gets through :joy:

I’m a 90s kid and this song was still going off at house parties everywhere.

Here is the next song…




■■■■ no.


small yes for nostalgia sake




Glad I wasn’t at those house parties. No


This set started with promise. But yuck- no




that’s a no


You know something @SteveB - you remind me of a younger version of myself. 90s kid, huh? You could easily be my son. #protege

The prelude before songs, the enthusiasm (man, you are quick dropping the needle - set has obviously been rehearsed), straight up with some good stuff, etc. Switching it up (old and new stuff). Kudos. Ignore the purists in here. :grinning:



Steve’s first spin of the decks is going to hurt so good.


No out of self respect. But if you get through to another spin I am happy. Just can’t be a part of it.


FFS no

(and now to catch up on a couple of things.

My memory was that it was a cover of the go betweens earlier? Maybe not, but that was my first reaction

I can’t believe you guys voted out Sandi, you monsters!

Cage the Elephant is a band that I saw at a festival. stayed half a song and walked on. Stand by that

Artic monkeys are good, but that song was a bit boring


I do hope SteveB gets through, but I’m with Vander. Not Mellencamp. Never.


What if it was just a little ditti



There have been more epic fightbacks.