The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


I liked Mellencamp. Had some very good songs. I’ll give it a yes for posterity. Step it up if ya survive though @SteveB


Maybe BARNZ & Davo will save him?


I suspect it’s a lost cause. I misjudged the room after my first two sets.


No ■■■■■■■ no


I can relate. 90’s at the cricket club. $1 VB cans or if you had a good game $2 Crownies. Ah the simple days. Yes.


Hoffy played the same Go-Betweens 16 Days ago. We had another song of theirs last month too.


Save a bloke who plays John Mellencamp?

Hell to the no


They lull you in, mate, and then brutally execute you. Hope you will stick around. It is a crazy fun thread.


I’m flabbergasted.


@AVanderScreamer gets the call up for this comment regarding Mellencamp…

Thanks for the support @JohnRain and others.

I will be back!


BTFW - wtf is it with 1, 2 even THREE MINUTE farking ads on youtube now???


Adblock. Get it in ya (browser)




Ahm…I knows the tricks - but it’s youtube.


Yes. Fk me some of the dribble that gets through, I thought steve should have got another spin at least

I liked your set steve. Wish I would have seen more


vote yes after i already through out a no?

this cooked ■■■■ genuinely believes in cheating.


Ohh, I haven’t seen an ad yet. Weird.



Kay_Eff_See - 2nd
GeoffBlethynsGlasses - 2nd
Zimmer - 2nd
Ivan - 2nd
Frosty - 2nd
BloodStainedDevils - 2nd
Clark_Griswald - 2nd & final
Mackster - 2nd
Riolio - 2nd
Dodga - 2nd
Slowstu - 2nd
up_up - 2nd
alex.f.94 - 2nd
Davo - 2nd
frankston_bomber2005 - 2nd
Saladin - 2nd
Benfti- 2nd
Deckham - 2nd
HAP - 2nd

Diggers - 3rd
Socks&Garters - 3rd
Wimmera1 - 3rd
SMJ - 3rd
Dingus - 3rd
Hoffy - 3rd
Lifetime_ban - 3rd (2 x first spin loser)
MrJez - 3rd
Yossarian - 3rd
Preliminary_Point2 - 3rd
Hambo - 3rd
Klawdy - 3rd
JohnRain - 3rd (Nine spin legend)
Crazy_Bomber 3rd
KJ_11 - 3rd
GiventoFly74 - 3rd
WOB - 3rd
Swoodley - 3rd
BLTN - 3rd

Barnz - 4th
Kira - 4th
PaulPeos - 4th


Current - AVanderScreamer 2nd


Hmmm…may be because I’m currently ‘in San Francisco’. Might change that and see what happens.