The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


Not for me, no, not a fan of singing fingers


Didn’t really work for me, man, sorry. Felt it was a big mess.


still looking for enjoyment.





1:16 in and I’ve had enough. An enema with barbed wire and acid would be less painful than that song. (May not be true but sums up my feelings for that collection of notes) no


Sounds like something off the last two Pavement albums, which would make sense really. Yes.




I genuinely just put it earplugs. Granted, not because of your song, but the symbolism is relevant. no

Goodnight to all, including Pavement fans…


Malkmus gets a yes from me


First ball yes.




Hahahaha. Was caught on the hop and this was played in the car after footy training today. Likely heading for a first round exit. Where are the Pavement fans???


Yeah No
More interesting than the ■■■■■■■ go betweens but still no.


Harsh to get booted on this if it happens.


That’s the thing. I was never cool enough to understand Pavement’s work. Or this. Sorry, no.


I never even considered this as a possible thing?!


@BAAKKEERRRR would be proud of these words.




Yes purely for the kitten playing guitar


Early doors they ripped The Fall off and it took me twenty years to understand and appreciate them.