The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


wow which other mods/admin can we give a freebie to?



Don’t mess with an angry? confused? full of crap? interested? crowd…ah, dammit…just don’t mess with blitz


DJR radio


has to type songs only.


I hope @AVanderScreamer wasn’t waiting a long time for that second shot…


@DJR where the fark are you???


I’m trying really hard to be open-minded and I do enjoy plenty of indie rock. It just has to sound good to me. That didn’t.


Can we resume voting on rick astley?


You’re never gonna give that up.


See this why first ball yes was invented. Too harsh to go out one and done.


Not long enough to get a decent song ready!!


You’ll be better prepared next time? :slight_smile:


You always have to be ready…nobody knows when the call will come


djr can post all his own score updates between votes


Yeah, I agree actually.


I know, I know


well ■■■■, why don’t we just start everyone at 1-0 on their first song.

hey guys you can play any pos you want first up because it doesn’t matter.

whats next? no scores are kept? so theres no ■■■■■■■ winner? you all disgust me.


That is the sort of thinking I highly endorse.


Wheres that @Koala fella at. Waiting for my next Astleyesque fix.


Would actually say yes to it at this point.