The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


It can’t be ■■■■. But an average song I’ll allways be lenient first up.


@AVanderScreamer - BTW, @frosty has been consistently voting (and appears to be active here). Food for thought.


bet you make the rules up for u10s footy where the scores aren’t kept.

everyone gets a participation award too.

“hey guys if you played a song in the dj thread you go on the hall of fame”


That Koala bloke was here just a moment ago…


Yeah, choose Frosty.

I’m hanging for some mid 2000’s trance


Still wouldn’t pick Langford.


save frosty for friyay


Well if @koala isn’t here soon, then @frostycan step up. The natives are getting restless.






■■■■ off oldies go watch deadpool


You’re giving us permission to keep pumping the grunge?


It’s wednesday night. Frostbites is going off, it’s time for 90’s rock.


ruin my week, not my weekend.


If Frosty spins we need @anastasios1979 here for support.


Koala is typing…


Go for it @frosty, I’m off to bedfordshire


Trance! Trance! Trance!


talk about a set that takes you on a journey.

hold on i need some ouzo and meze


This is exactly why I said (earlier this morning) that there shouldn’t be a long wait post 7 p.m. Dudes go off their nutter for songs to trash. Full drug addict style. Where’s my fix? Saying that, the furry one has 5 mins until 10:30 p.m. EST to spin or it is over to @frosty to close us out for the evening.