The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


Geezus, novelty rap over aweful, aweful music.

Liftime what on earth are you thinking

Really pushing it, but you cant go out first ball three times.

reluctant - Yes


That’s just loco, man.



It’s so hard to gauge this audience.

Some time there is talk of time signatures, change ups and music genres.

And there are times like this morning where everyone becomes 13 year olds beating off to victoria secret catalogues while listening a ■■■■■■ version of the bloodhound gang…

…love it!


I’ll yes it, just.


First ball, yes.


Why is that guy playing drums at the end of the clip as though there are actual ■■■■■■■ drums in the track? May as well be air drumming you’re not fooling anyone

First ball yes but geez…


More first ball yesses than a hornny virgin on prom night.
Or something like that, I need coffee.




As a 20 year old , would have loved it.
So Yep 9-5


Just sweated through an hour of whole base physical training, conceding 30+ years and bad knees to many. Have mercy on me. I promise the next song will be very different if I get through.


Far out. I’m starting to think LB may be conducting some sort of sociological experiment. That is … I’m not even sure I have the words…

FBR yes


You made it, mate, but only based on the kindness & benevolence of some of us DJs. That song was pus. Spin ‘er up again.


I certainly ■■■■■■ hope so…


Let’s hope this is better received.


We should consider Lifetime Bans (pun intended) from the thread for songs like that.

Edit…his 1st track !


Greig: “And here comes Lillee , steaming in from the Vulture Street end. Richards is the new batsman.”


Greig: " But look at this, Bull. Dennis has called him back. Very magnanimous , doesn’t want him gone 1st ball."

As if that EVER happens…


Welcome to the DJ King thread. A place where dreams of grandeur are regularly shattered without any rhyme or reason. A place where Jeff Buckley, Arctic Monkeys & Red Hot Chili Peppers are considered lame & unworthy, whereas a bunch of stoned Mexican farmers shoveling stinking manure are given the green light.


In fairness all of the Arctic Monkeys and a large proportion of the RHCP back catalogue is lame and unworthy.




In here more than any other place on Earth.