The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


Yeah, but I’ve never seen automatic keeper or one hand off the fence in international cricket either…


watching Matty Wade keep wickets makes me wish for automatic keeper…


No to new country.


tried to give this track a chance, couldn’t do it. no


No to the ersatz Dixie Chicks…


Slide guitar, banjo, tambourine…whatever



Was ready to give that the mother of all no’s, even half way through, by the end I couldn’t get the slide guitar out of my head.

Hmmmm, catchy or just plain annoying?



Where TF were you last night when I played Sticky Music ?
I needed ya man !


They dragged me into the Woosha thread and I couldn’t escape.
My apologies.
Obviously that would have been a yes.


Not my thing, and the lyrics made me cringe a bit. No


Ah, whiling away a morning chewing tobacco down by the Mississippi…

OK, yes.

p.s. Interesting choice after some physical training. Would’ve thought ‘Muma Said Knock You Out’ would have been more up your alley. It may still happen.




Hillbilly nonsense. But I’ll give you a pity-YES.

If you survive this vote, you should play your most favourite song in the whole world next. I think that would be fun.


For a minute there I thought I was about to watch an episode of Justified.
I didn’t watch Justified for the music.


Yes, because Lifetime has access to weapons.



Catchy riff and I love the singers voice/tones. Lyrics are crap, but whatever.




I’m on a tram, sitting next to a guy who looks exactly like Chris Daniher. Yes.


Like the music

But Christian rock no