The Reigning Dj King (MKII) is @Mackster


I haven’t given you a pity yes yet so here it is


We keep voting you through for the same reasons Myers is getting a game. Too soft to make the tough calls.



  • On the cusp of redemption here, LB.


Yes…a cumulative yes…carried by how good your first song was…stuff the pack.


3rd spin territory, LB.


This ones a bit left field.


Yes, that’s 10x better than the original



You know what? I thought that showcased the song’s strengths pretty well and I would like to be sitting there with some barnyard distilled bevvies tapping my foot along. Yes






Doubling down on the hillbilly. Brave.



Milk and kawwwfee! Who’d have thunk it?



You really are out there, LB. But, you are consistent & I like people who dance to the beat of their own drums. Very interesting cover. The vocalist was no good, but as a band, they covered the song well. Yes.


Big fan of Steve’n’seagulls’ work!


Them crazy Finns!




You’re a weird cat lifetime -yes


Irrelevant no.
The Weird Al bit towards the end nearly turned me, though.


well played LB, well played. Yes



Spin 'er up again, LB.


I’m at work away from my list so I’ll throw this one up.