The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT




Suppose that’s the beauty of this thread, ultimately there is only pass or fail, there are no degrees of good or bad.

Once the people have spoken, no amount of saltiness can change that. :grin:


I do it with my own sets. You booted me for that song! geez it was better than the one I got through 10-2 the spin before.


Apart from anything else though, can we all agree that the utterly putrid Butterfly is this thread’s nadir*?
(* excluding the risible cover of Eternal Flame and the goddawful Can’t Get No Satisfaction duet)



Teenage Dirtbag is worse.

It also wasn’t a troll.


Don’t think Butterfly or the covers were either…


Everything langers cough crazy has played is a troll.

Purple people eater?


Teenage Dirtbag was brilliant compared to a heap of the dance/trance/EDM crap that has been played


I actually have nothing but respect for the Butterfly troll, though.

That was A+


There were some pretty bad 0-10 spins in the first 3 threads:

DJ song yes votes no votes executioner total spins
Hoffy Bush Bands Bash 2016 Irrunytju Band 0 10 BSD 7
GeoffBlethynsGlasses Love Song for a Vampire - Annie Lennox 0 10 Baakkeerrrr 3
Kira Blowin’ Up - Manu Crook 0 10 Paul Peos 7
mrjez Lovage - Sex (I`m A) 0 10 swoodley 4
saladin Van Halen - Humans Being 0 10 3


We voted venga boys through ages ago.


Did we? Frankston bomber still has a Venga Bus as his avatar.


Ah maybe we didn’t then.

And too right if we didn’t.


What was the 70’s transvestite Anastasios played. That was aweful.


I’m a YES man .
Next time I want sub titles didn’t understand a word.


I don’t agree with him, but you have to respect Swoodley’s hardline stance against all EDM.


That’s 10 @Kj_11

Redemption time.


and alex got voted out 2-10 with Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom - Vengaboys


Trans-X Living on Video
10-2 It was great