The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT


Na not that.

Davina or Lovina?


Regardless of what others may say, it is clear that you peaked when you played Teenage Dirtbag.

This could be close to your nadir (please god, don’t play anything worse if you survive)

NO!!! (damn this stupid site that only shows three exclamation marks)




Not sure it’s redemption, but it was ok.



Lana Pellay Pistol In My Pocket?


I think that was “Poon.”


YES. I liked that.


I was ready to give this a yes after 90 seconds, but it seems the artist got bored with the song after that.
I certainly did.
Not sure a song has made go from pleased to cross so quickly.



Lol this is turning into my favorite set, nobody is happy with what I’m playing, but somehow the songs get through.

I have apparently reached the nadir of worst song in thread multiple times by different people as well.

You’re all schizo but I love youse all.


It was “poon”

ArmyOfPoon Divine - You Think You’re a Man 7 10 SMJ 1


The vocals were annoying and the sound was too thin and didn’t build well. No




Have this track & mixed it into one of my DJ sets, that also happened to be recorded - many moons ago. Good to see you picking up the pace now, KJ. Yes.




Geez sorry Anastasios, never meant to confuse you with poon :rofl:




No to the pox song about drums without an actual drum in sight.

That was pus.


OK, like a less frantic version of Addicted to Bass. Yes


Boring. Much more boring than teenage dirt-bag. Good bloke YES

DJ Kj_11 (fifth spin)
SONG #1164 Dark beat addicted to drums, by Oscar G and Ralph Falcon

YES: LB, Peos, ham, Rain, PP, Klaw, up, Kira
NO: Swood, wimm, Jez, chop,