The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT


Chopper put it best - that was indeed pus!


No. The vocals.


“Taaaahtttaaahhhhlee addicted taah draahhhmmms, a wahh uhh uh”


I want to fight Oscar and Ralph GonFarkn Yourself



This was a banger back in the day.

Dark room, deep deep bass pumping through the sound system.

Loved it.


Don’t be - I don’t mind Divine; still got to watch the piece of art that is pink flamingoes.


I’ve managed to resist coming to this thread for nearly a month. Seeing I popped in, have a yes to speed things along.



It was 9-7 before that! These willy nilly yesses, thread is corrupt. You get just under 200 more posts then I’m forced to shut it down.



It was 10. Last official count was 8-4, then Frosty & Staz put it through.


Oh I meant before the final yes. Fixed.

Yes to new song.


@mrjez has got the salts.


And yes


Man, type doesn’t portray. I was trying to make light of… ah, forget it. Maybe I should try my attempts at humour out in the tennis thread, they seem a pretty easy going jovial bunch there.


Settle down


I think he needs to restart the rules thread to debate improvements that in the end don’t get implemented.


Don’t make me use all caps.




YES. I’m out for most of the day. If you survive this song, have a band-wagon yes for your next song as well.

DJ Kj_11 (sixth spin)
SONG #1165 Pasilda, by Afro Medusa

YES: Jez, Peos, PP, Kira