The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff




Oh yeah, nothing serious, just… You know, every day life. Sick daughter and wife, no sleep, sh*tty friday night shift. That sort of thing.

It got funnier when the guy whose shift I take over from nearly took a swing at me. That was something.




What the?

Where do you work for that to happen. What a massive flog.


I second that. If Uncle Bully botches the job, then PM me @Paul_Peos - I’ll take care of it (pro bono). :grin:

Trust the missus & your little one are better soon.


I work at boxing gym, so not all that surprised…




It wasn’t bad I suppose…have a Yes



I’m surprised your even giving me a chance.


The same band you once voted me out on?


Wait… What?


I may be mistaken.
I do that quite often.

Have an apologetic yes, just in case.


10-2 Spin again


I don’t remember you even playing them, so I have no idea if you are mistaken.

It would have to have been a pretty damn sh*t selection for me to No it though.


Autumn Song.


Ha ha, oh yeah. Actually, I may have even posted that for you while you were in meetings.

Pretty sure I Yes’d it.


You did


Ok, so as much as I’d love to EDM right now, it will linger into tomorrow and upset the morning crew.

So I’ll go the other direction, annoy the late night crew instead, and dedicate this song to the old wanker from work who wants to fight me.

Also, there hasn’t been any Manson so far (I don’t think) and there should be.


Out of curiosity - why does he ‘want to fight you’?


Deckham Manic Street Preachers Autumn Song 10 6

Not voted out on that one @Deckham it was:

Foster The People Helena Beat 3 10 Lifetime_ban

Ten spins, you did well with that set.