The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


And easy yes to the track.


I’ll Yes it






Yes- this will put the pressure on if you have to spin again


Not a fan, but solid sob story. Yes.


Sob story threw me, but it was OK. Yes.


Back from work and first song is some solid shouty grunge with weirdos accompanied by a nice glass of red. YES




Nup, sorry, hope you are doing better now though.


8-1 KJ if this gets stuck on 9 overnight, you’ll be the party pooper.


Holy sh*t, the only no vote is from a metal fan?

I am completely unprepared if this gets through this evening…


@Kj_11 is a metal fan???


i think the word you are looking for is thank you


I called him out on something he was doing.

And like all guilty people, he reacted by yelling and frothing at the mouth and getting right in my face.

It’s ok… I’d take him quite easily, and I’m not very tough, so it’s not exactly dangerous.

Annoying to deal with, though.


Your work in a cinema and the guy was slicing p.orn into the reel?


Will you let it go, or will you give him the slow death by a thousand cuts?


i’ve been known to rock out with my ■■■■ out


not a fan of Marilyn Manson though, only like one song


Okay then, yes because I wanted to post one of my favourite Onion articles.


If you played some metal in your set, you would have got Yes votes from me (hint, hint for your future sets :wink: )