The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Definitely a case of too many things.
The clip is awful.
I don’t actually hate it. It’s just like…why though?





See, I thought The Byrds with really soft metal and…not funk exactly, but maybe what some forty year old Californians who Really love harmonies might think funk is.


Extreme Bread?


I watched it all, though
It was fascinating.


Sure, Extreme Bread produced by James Cameron


Positive message, too, which is more important now than ever.


I’ll just stop writing now.


One of the more brutal executions of recent times.




…but fair :slight_smile:


His sob story set the bar way too high…and the song just completely failed to deliver


The Beatles crossed with pearl jam and a few stone temple pilot riffs.

Very bad - redundant no


I’d probably yes that


Expecting The Who. Got The Why.


And the beautiful thing about the DJ King thread is that we helped @BAAKKEERRRR learn something:

His statement: Never understood how these guys weren’t huge!

He got quite a few very useful responses and so now he won’t have that lack of understanding anymore.

Kudos to the educationally minded posters in this thread :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I just want to come in late and lay the boots in a bit more, that’s how bad that was, farking woeful, no.

Surely a set up by Bakes.


Holy sh*t, that band sounds awesome.


Well if it was done right, yeah it would be.

This wasn’t done right


So… What now?