The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Yes to this one.


Glad I didn’t have to vote for MM.

Yes to Blur.

You don’t work with @Diggers do you? I’ve heard he likes a fight.





DJ Paul_Peos (fourth spin)
SONG #1178 Coffee and TV, by Blur

YES: Jez, ham, Kj, LB, BoAb, Klaw, Hoffy, Kira
NO: wimm



Yes. Glad Blur finally got a spin. Was on my ‘consider playing’ list. Hope you get through your shift without a fight @Paul_Peos


Yea spun again


A song that’s probably about Kenco instant coffee and Grandstand on BBC. Enough for a yes.


I can’t quite work out your tastes, man.
You surprise me all the time with your votes.


Yes - 9-1


12 - 1 and still waiting for a ■■■■■■ song. Come on @Paul_Peos, you know life has to stop when you are DJ’ing.


Ahh - sorry - I mis-counted :frowning:



“Like A Version” songs haven’t done well here, and on the whole they are mostly tripe. But occasionally, somebody gets it right. Like this one.

Something For Kate covering Calvin Harris?
Paul Dempsey covering the vocals of Florence Welch?

It shouldn’t work, but it does. Dempsey is damn impressive here imo.


Great cover.




I really don’t think so.





He STILL hasn’t managed to find a laxative I hear…
Resounding NO…


Horrible. Good bloke YES

DJ Paul_Peos (fifth spin)
SONG #1179 Sweet nothing, by Something for Kate

YES: Deck, Hoffy, Kira
NO: Digg, Kj, Baker,



Never a fan, sorry. No.


Pablo Hassan says no.