The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


The fark is wrong with you people?


His voice has always been odd to me, and not in a good way. I haven’t heard the original but it’s a no in either case.


You awake @hambo?


3-6 (don’t be such a Drama Queen - I think you once said to me). :laughing:


I’m going against the trend here. I quite liked this. I can see where others may not, but this vocal styling without the heaviness of over the top amplification of guitars I enjoy.

Have a resounding yes



Let’s hope I don’t respond the same way.


I’ve been preparing my “too many male singers” no for some months, but that was ok.



I think I would have preferred a straight up song from them, as what their covering does nothing for me in this version. No, sorry.


No - sorry.
Singer should be careful too as that vein in his neck looks like it’s ready to burst.


Something for Kate- risky on a good day. No


Sheesh going down

Sympathy yes


I thoroughly enjoy the OG version of this song. This offering misses the mark.



Just for the record, anybody who voted yes for Teenage Dirtbag, and no for this… I don’t even consider you human anymore.

Oh well, at least I’ll get my weekend back.

I had @hambo and @Socks_and_Sandals down to go, so I’ll give them a bit and if they don’t show I’ll reassess.


Curse of the morning song strikes again.


That’s frickin awesome.


Teenage Dirtbag

Yes: Wim, PP2, Baakkeerrrr, Klawdy, Kira, Decks, Swoods, Crazy, Cold Blood, LB.

No: Jez, Hambo, Peos, Rain, Diggers

Have a good w/end, mate. If you have to work, remember:


On a good day? Describe what this good day looks like?


I voted yes for Dirtbag because my mum liked it and we used to sing it together and I recall asking her "what does dirtbag mean?. I’ll admit to that being one of the few times I’ve voted with my heart and not my head, also think it’s not actually that bad, it’s a pretty inoffensive pop song as are most songs from that era. And plus I think I was fair and generally nice to Peos that run, I got my revenge out of my system last run.


Jeez. A brutal execution of a great KoK for breakfast.

DJ King is a cruel mistress :frowning:


The headline reads:

TDSpartan eats old KoK for breakfast.