The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Geez, we don’t need your life story mate.


The old KoK needs to stop living in the past and get his head into the present.

He’s just a dirtbag like the rest of us now :wink:


And those were the highlights!


I’ll be honest…I would have voted yes to Teenage Dirtbag…that song was catchy AF!


Some things are better left unsaid.


Alright, I’ll make it short n not so sweet. I’ll be at North Port Oval today and the old 5S (replacement) battery is unreliable. Having said that, this and possibly another has to get through first.

Italian duo, released this earlier in the year.


Hmmm…that was one long elevator ride



Sounds like a p*rn soundtrack? NO


Retro 70s disco-funk vibe overlaid with elements of jazz produced in 2018? Awesome. Big yes.


Like it, going to check them out



First ball yes although it was too psychedelic for me.


Too much sax-honk for me. First ball YES

DJ Socks_and_Sandals (first spin)
SONG #1180 Nuovo Napoli, Nu Guinea

YES: Rain, PP, Anastasios, Kira
NO: Swood, Crazy



It is pretty porny. Hell yes!


You’re turning into Baker.


This a definite bow-chika-wow yes.


I really like Paul Dempsey’s voice but it just didn’t seem quite right.


From what I can tell, I think they have only pressed 3,500 copies of this vinyl since its release in April 2018, so Socks has a (potential) collector’s item with this one. Very much a Boogie Nights feel to it. And surely everyone digs that flick?




Yeah sure, why the fark not?



70’s drivel released this year? How dare they.