The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Long, slow & boring. No.


Huge Yes.
Love Rush.
You had to be there.


If anyone’s interested in more about Rush:


No thanks.



Do you think it’s longer than the music clip? People probably haven’t voted yet because they haven’t finished listening. :joy:


6-6 which is a lot closer than I would have predicted for this one.


I wouldn’t have predicted the last one got through. At least this one has some redeeming qualities.


Not many.


I like a good opus as much as the next person but no.


Yes to rush




7-all? Those voting in support of this dross must be high.


Or they have a far greater understanding of music than those like you who have subjected their brains to way to much doof doof


I wanted to dislike it. The vocals aren’t great, and boy it goes on… And on… And takes itself way too seriously.

Some mighty fine guitar and drumming going on though. Mighty fine.



DJ Swoodley (sixth spin)
SONG #1389 Xanadu, by Rush

YES: Anast, ham, jez, Zimm, Rain, Deck, Yoss, Peos
NO: Kira, Mac, Digg, Klaw, Hoffy, Kj, LB



Two of the best right there.


Agreed. For all Peart’s drumming brilliance, let’s not overlook just how unbelievably good (guitarist) Alex Lifeson is.


I thought the bass playing was damn good and there’s some nice lightly layered synths too. I main thing that let it down was the vocals but overall I enjoyed the song which I think would have worked better as an instrumental.


Rush’s first song in which they used synth pedals.


Tough intro Kira, “here’s the next song, it’s horrible”. I like the grandiose style but felt 11 minutes needs more wow factor. No