The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


I didn’t think about that. I should’ve posted the song and then done another post with my vote. I hope I didn’t bias the tune. Apologies to @Swoodley. In future, I’ll make sure to separate any “administrative duties” from voting :slight_smile:


For a band called “rush” they take a hell of a long time to finish a song.



Neil Peart is farking shyte. Yes.


Expedient yes


Thanks for that final vote @Robin_Close

Here’s a much shorter track for you all.

I feel that it has a certain relevance to the Blitz crowd :wink:


Geddy’s voice can be grating on the ears, but it is one of their trademarks, and you kinda get used to it if you spend time on their work. He is a very fine bassist.


Yes to WPA


Yep. What was the footy show with this as a theme?


It was Robbo on SEN. Ruined it for me. No.


Well before that.

The original Talking Footy in the mid 90’s with Bruce.



quite a boring song.





A bit like Muse and Wand who I played in live week. All high singers but also great musicians who manage to overcome that weakness.




A little slower than Away, Away but still, Weddoes…Yes


What’s that? Port Phillip Bay? Wish they had fallen in and taken their stupid extended sideburns with them.

No thank you.




After the rush, there is always the inevitable comedown. No.


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DJ Swoodley (seventh spin)
SONG #1390 Monday’s experts, by Weddings Parties Anything

YES: Deck, RC, Up, Hoff,
NO: Zimm, Peos, chop, ham, Kj, Digg, Rain, Kira