The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


If this gets through, @JohnRain has the next selection ready to go.

Please don’t.






Yes. Reverse psychology works.


My thoughts exactly, after seeing that Digs had garnered enough votes for this tripe.

His 3rd ‘Bad Duets’ song:


Oh my god, what have I done?


Funny AF, but sacrilege of a great Aussie rock song. You can have either of those ladies as your new avatar. No.


Ha ha! This is gloriously horrendous. I’m fully onboard the Thunderpussy bad-duet bandwagon. YES


Totally worth it, though.


That’s a shame.


Ok - now I’m a patient man.
But fark right off with this pos track.




A few years back I got treated to a Christmas party at Crown. The house band was the most soulless cover band doing incrediby slick and uninspiring medleys that made me want to die. The Tina Turner set still haunts me. Celine and that other warbler sets a new standard. NO


This farce needs to be ended before we all end up scarred for life.




An abomination on this thread and music in general, but at least Digs delivered on his promise, a true man of his word.


Although an ACDC rendition of “my heart will go on” could be good though.


DJ Diggers (third spin)
SONG #1393 You shook me all night long, Dion and Anastasia

YES: Kira,
NO: Rain, wimm, Deck, Hoffy, ham, Swood, Kj




But NO


The air guitar :joy:


Jeez, you guys aren’t very curious people. If this is his third song, imagine how horrendous his tenth song must be! I hope he posts the full list of bad duets when he gets voted out. I need to know how low Diggers can go!


I am interested to see where this heads. Yes.