The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


I’m not gonna pretend…



For my last error I need to atone. No


I once had a client who was obsessed with parasites. He even wrote a book about them. One day, he invited me to join him in visiting the Meguro Parasitological Museum in Tokyo. I politely declined. He was disappointed at my lack of interest in his field. Our acquaintance soon ended.



Cool theme, Diggers. Kinda similar to the idea previously floated re: a future ‘guilty pleasures’ theme.

@Diggers only sent me three songs, so I think he expected to be booted. Unfortunately, he forgot to name a successor, so I will give him some time to do so.


I can’t believe Eddie Murphy + Michael Jackson got up. Sorry about Celine Dion + Anastacia. I shouldn’t have gone there.

If that’s not the worst song played yet it’s in the top 3.

In no particular order:

Whomever is available.


Oh, and a big Thank You to the very capable @JohnRain.


Damn @Diggers that was the best of the three. A redundant yes to be noted for posterity.


I’m out of DJ rotation for the next couple of months. Apologies.




Hmm… Looks like all those invited to DJ are indisposed. Can somebody step and play some music, please :slight_smile:


Yes…somebody step up…and inspire me with your brilliance


My mum’s got one for ya:


no idea why the pic isn’t appearing. Gotta go to work now.




I have no idea if @Yossarian (or @hambo) are being serious or not. My guess is no, but, after Diggers songs, who knows?!

@JohnRain help, pls.


Gotta actually do some work so @Yossarian can have it.

Yes to Shaddup you face.


Wasn’t a serious post but in lieu of a dj we can roll with it…


Horrible. But funny. So…
Free YES


Yes, i suppose.


First ball yes so you have a chance to post something serious.