The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Kirk Hammett has really branched out, though.


Geez going to need to pull an amazing sob story to save this.

I know this guy who is schizophrenic, has 42 personalities all of which have a different taste in music. Really tragic, he could never sit an enjoy music until this mash up was put on the internet. I put this on and he smiled for the first time. True story. Amazing stuff Anthony Vincent you did


That’s terrible. NO


We voted down Chris Cornell twice.

This poor look alike can’t get a shoe in surely.



Am i dead yet?

@Davo or @Lifetime_ban get ready lest someone else stagger haphazardly into the booth and take your shot again





Very impressive sob story

I would have felt sorry for you if the guy had 43 different personalities…but 42…no way Jose



Belated sob story almost got it over the line.




Do not mock the DJ thread.



3-9 For the record, I vote YES. I just wanna see the world burn


Then the score is 3-9


its now 3-10

Sorry but that was ■■■■

This thread is better than that last two piles of ■■■■.

Come on DJs - put some effort in.

It was once a privilege to post in here.


@Lifetime_ban…are you up for a spin?

@Yossarian nominated you earlier?


You must be referring to my most recent brilliant set

Thank you for the kind words


Okay. give me a minute to find some songs.


I threatened to play these guys way back in about thread two I think it was and thought, ■■■■ it, why not now.


What the Fark is going on.

One direction!

I’m out.



I thought ‘secret shame’ was gonna be a theme week?

We doing it anyway?



In a rare burst of maturity, I decided to actually listen to the song even though instinctively I wanted to just vote no.

I played it in the background without watching the clip.

It was vastly superior to a lot of the crap that gets through.

So have an unexpected YES from me


Sorry @swoodley
But I think you’ve all become a bit too relaxed in here and it’s showing in the quality.