The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff




Way better than diggers crap so have a











fmd…shaddupayoface is going through with a swish…


Ah shaddupayoface!


Not on my watch - NO


Yes. Move on.


DJ Yossarian (first spin)
SONG #1394 Shaddup you face, by Joe Dolce

YES: ham, Kira, Deck, Anast, Hoffy, Swood, Klaw, RC, LB, AVS



Ok no idea how to follow that but let’s do go Ten Second Songs aka Anthony Vincent a great vocalist who can sing a number of styles and puts together crazy compilations like this… something for everyone


■■■■ that was a horrible mess.

wut r u doin?


It appears that the sheer brilliance of my set has the new DJs running scared and so they’re playing pure garbage.


To hate maybe lol. Get a yes for a very brave choice.


■■■■ no. Thread is struggling.


Cmon guys, don’t beat around the bush, tell me what you really think


I’m not voting no because that song was a mess.

I’m voting no because you stole a song from my playlist the one before in a Joe Dolce Classic.




I’m commuting between meetings in Tokyo. Just pulled into a petrol station to fill up the car. Thought I’d see what I was missing in the DJ King thread. Almost doused myself in petrol & bumbed a light off someone - after listening to that. Ballsy, but woeful. No. Back to the road. L8r.