The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Well technically the execution was a Friday.


This. Apologies I didn’t vote on the last song. I couldn’t listen at the time. But my yes wouldn’t have helped :frowning:


Thanks @kj_11 , technically you were only executed Friday, which I think is allowed under the Kingdom’s EDM Suppression Act 2018. Surely @Socks_and_Sandals is due?


John the international man of mystery has to be Howard Marks.



Yeah, just tried to choose some people I’ve seen around but have had less spins.

If someone doesn’t rock up soon, go for it, this places turns to rioting & looting quickly without some direction.

Especially on a Friday, after coming down from Thursday.


I reckon @up_up is up.


Say no more


I think that’s two Gorillaz tracks, but still no Blur.








I haven’t listened to that in years, great song.


Someone said with Blur it’s either done-to-death pop or odd obscurities. I am very pro-Blur, no matter how annoying Albarn can be, but I think Gorillaz fits the DJ booth better.


I agree.

I’ve been trying to slip a blur track in all thread(s), but song selection is tough.


Cue Wim saying he has played blur.


I was actually just about to say that…




For the slower Blur stuff, Young & Lovely, This is a low, Out of time, Under the Westway, I could go on but I won’t.




Yes to dare. Good way to start a Friday.

I still love that the lyrics where supposed to be “it’s there”, but Shaun Ryder is so cooked he couldn’t get it and kept saying it’s dare. They decided to leave it as that.