The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Yes but from now on all tracks played with a prolonged nothing intro without the dj saying when the song starts gets an automatic no from me.

■■■■■ me.


There goes 90% of my tracks then


Love hotels are a thing here. They are often themed. There is one joint that has two slides (from opposing sides of the room), so that the guests can meet up on the bed. Cue you on one slide & Peos on the other. Both of you belting out ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ by Bette Midler. :grin: :face_vomiting:



Love Blur, but most Gorillaz stuff leaves me cold.
This and “the Windmill one” are about the only tracks that do anything for me.



DJ up_up (first spin)
SONG #1171 Dare, by Gorillaz

YES: Peos, BoAb, Klaw, Rain, Kj, PP, frost, Spartan, Baker, Kira



Just post when the song starts alongside your submission so I can skip to it. If I have to listen to a minute of nothing I’m no’ing from now on. Principality.


You might miss the greatest intro ever!


You can copy a YouTube link to start at a particular time. So if it has a big intro cue it up for the start of the song.


Intro for “Too legit to quit” by Hammer. GOAT.


I’m willing to take this risk.


Used to get an auto no from you anyway. This clip has now been scanned for slow intros


It’s funny, even though Johnny is in the thread’s most serious long-term relationship between thread-members, he still gets jealous of other people’s happiness.


Hendrix is an automatic YES from me. Thank you!




Jealously is protective of relationships. Carry on, you two lovebirds. :wink:


Yes, Jimi.


Hendrix equals yes




Guitar…and Jimi playing said guitar equals automatic YES