The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Not bad. Stuart Price’s presence is clear to hear… The killer chorus it threatened to unleash never quite eventuated unfortunately, but I didn’t mind its overall Devo-esque sound…


Played this one in a crowded waiting room while I wait for my mums appointment to finish. Got a lot of disapproving looks from the oldies in the room. ■■■■ em, it’s still better than listening to them prattle on. For that, you get a YES




Yes, dude. Haven’t you missed this niceness? :grin:


yes, enjoying this set so far, interested to see where it goes









(Next DJ…interested in the role? the bottom of this post to let me know)


Yes indeed.

I’m probably the only one who preferred John Bush to Joey Belladonna when it comes to Anthrax, right?







This surprises me… it’s not often we see you give the thumbs-down to metal or anything vaguely resembling it…


I liked bush more but the era he sang for anthrax they were writing terrible music. Only sound of white noise was good, he was wasted.

Yes to song btw




I’m not going back for a 2nd listen but that just scraped in for a yes.


Not a great song, but I do like the direction this set is heading in.

Have a YES


To Z?



PS. We won’t get to Z…I will be committing DJ suicide as early as J…


No harakiri - please, Sparky. I am about to slow cook a lamb shoulder on the Weber and wanna listen to your tunes. Yes.