The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Yeh, I’ve decided to change my metal policy—only classic or experimental metal will get automatic yes votes from me. Anything in between will probably get a no.


Why the hell do I seem to be the voter giving the 7th yes vote all the ■■■■■■ time of late?

yes 7-2 spin again


Redundant yes’s for all your last tracks.



(Who wants to be the next DJ? Like the bottom of this post to let me know you are interested)


ah…yeah, ok.


Coz you don’t vote fast enough after a song has been posted? (or was that a rhetorical question?) :blush:


Soz, Sparky. No for this one.


Teen Wolf will be a pretty cool avatar.


I’m gonna say NO for this.


The vocals are really annoying. No.


This was pretty much my reaction. Musically it was right in my wheelhouse, but I just couldn’t get past those… err… limited vocals.






It was pretty raw. Could have done with a bit more polish on the vocals and it felt like they lost their way lyrically a little about 2/3 of the way through the song, but I actually didn’t mind that. Have a sympathetic yes


I’ve actually tried to light a match on a stranger lady’s buttocks but not whilst roller bladin’. And the match didn’t light, and the stranger lady was not impressed.

Yes to bladin’ werewolves.







NBA jam and teen wolf what’s not to like.



The bloke on the right of the pinnie looks like the great man James Hird.

Couldn’t save it for me though. No.


Drive-by NO