The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff

Loose yes

This (musically - I liked the bass sound, vocally - as competent as my six year-old’s grade 1 nativity play).


So long as I don’t watch the clip.
Which was obviously made by primary school kids.

Agree with these sentiments. Vocals as weak as I’ve heard. I don’t mind bands where the singers can’t sing (Rancid a prime example) but these vocals were the beigest of beige.

That said, I want to drive a tank so Yes.


Sorry to interrupt your set, Frosty, but for those who may be interested, this is a cool mini-doco on an iconic Tokyo club called ‘Maniac Love’. I remember it mainly as an after hours club we visited in the early hours of the morning back in '03-04.

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I like it. yes

That’s 7.

Spin 'er up.

Change of direction for the afternoon, or at least for 1 song…

Like Thyco - yes

Yeah, ok.


There’s not enough music in 7/4 time.
That was pretty good. I know nothing about Tycho at all. Is this indicative? Always instrumental?

Peer group pressure yes.

Wannabe individual No

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Excellent. YES

So brave. So, so brave.


That was Yes. Spin ‘er up, Frosty :snowman_with_snow:

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That was damn fine. Yes. And thanks for introducing some new music. :+1:

I read that and thought you beauty. This will be good.

It wasn’t.


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