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If this gets up, I’m going hard on the sob story next song. Time for the big guns.


Stopped reading here.


What can I say, this thread still excites me.


Have a yes, and roar on then!


Yep. Epic sob story up next…


Ok, I have two in mind.

Do we want a happy one, or a sad one?

(The songs are both a bit lame either way.)


Just give us the best one


I like it when people tell sad and depressing stories. It makes me feel better than them. Leonard Cohen songs make me feel joyous.


Don’t like it at all but want the sob story



8-1 I think Paul, bring out the supersobber


Ok, brace yourselves, this is a long one…

When I was 15, I fell for a very pretty half-japanese girl. (Lets call her El Scorcho). She was quite something, and as an added bonus her Dad worked in radio and got heaps of free concert tickets. Unfortunately, she didn’t have great music tastes.

For our first big date out, she got some tickets.
“You wanna come to a gig with me?”
“Hell yeah, who is it?”
“Matchbox 20.”

It should be noted, at this stage, I hadn’t, um, taken ‘my first wicket’ so to speak, so I’d do almost anything. So I went to Matchbox 20. I spent most of the time out the front smoking ciggies with all the other boyfriends, but I was still there, something my friends still give me sh*t about to this day.

A few weeks later…
“Wanna go see Bush?”
Now, that’s a bit better. Sixteen Stone was one of the first albums I bought with my own cash, so it’s still a sentimental favourite of sorts. We went to the gig (top gig too, for all his sh*t, Gavin Rossdale is a mighty fine performer) and had a great night. Still couldnt take that wicket though.

A few weeks later:
“Wanna go see Human Nature?”
Now, a man has to have principles:
“Fark no. I’m not doing that.”

So I didn’t go.

Another guy did go with her though… They are now married with three kids and live in Seattle as Research Scientists. And I never took that wicket…

Fast forward to 2012,
A reunited Bush end up on the soundwave line-up and I decide to go to their side show at the Palace, for nostalgia sake.

Guess who I run into at the gig? Guess who is staying back in Melbourne for a few months as her and her then-fiance were on a break?

It may have taken 16 years, but I finally got that wicket. Sure, those 16 years hadn’t been particularly kind to her, but it still counts.

So, here is a song from the lamest band I consider myself a fan of, but will always remind me of a very pretty half-japanese girl.


Oh, and fun fact:

The bassist for Bush (Dave Parsons) was also the bassist for Transvision Vamp.

Now that’s an interesting career.


You had me at taking the wicket, didn’t care for the song at all.



Didn’t bother with the sob story, as it was likely a humble-brag.


It was, but not without its share of embarrassing confessions. I went to a Matchbox 20 gig FFS!


I’ve been to a Billy Joel concert, mate.


I still don’t think that’s as bad…


If it was at Madison Square Garden I would pay that.


I went to the Elton John concert a few years ago. Where he was a big fat tub o’lard in a sparkling navy blue jump-suit.


Ok, that’s getting there, but you’re still talking about classic artists, even if they are lame.

Rob Thomas is a musical toilet.