The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff



I’ll take some of the heat off Klawdy. NO



Of course, yes.

But, weren’t you lamenting the lack of variety the other day? Looking fwd to your next song. :wink:


Not going to fall for that physch out.

I’m playing what I want and what I want is big chunky riffs.


I just woke up and listened to the song and then voted while the blood was still fresh in my ears.


How would you vote when some of that blood made it to your balls?




Primus have made some good music over the years. They’ve also made some crap. This, sadly, is the latter.





Ummm, that would change everything.


I’m a bit torn. I love this song, but I am also a bit confused as to the earlier complaints about the lack of variety in the thread - specifically to the glut of 90’s songs… ???

Your advice yesterday gets it over the line. Yes.




Yes. Very hit and miss band Primus


Geez this is the first time I’ve ever played 90’s rock in however many sets were up to :smiley: I’ve deliberately avoided it, but wanted to play a couple of my favourite songs.

Ignore rainmans Jedi mind tricks. For the record I was praising kfc for his diverse set. It was a compliment not a complaint.


3-4 assuming @Klawdy voted no to this.


Nah, you can have a yes for that one.


Have yes just because. Stop judging me!!




Yes. I dig the quirky, riffin bass-jammin psycho carnts that are Primus.