The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


The Greatest Band of All Time.

Fark you haters

Easiest Yes in the history of DJ King


Teen flash back. Yes


If you play a classic rock track, you can always count on a massive yes from @swoodley


I could sit and discuss the ethics behind swiping someones song or elements of it and claiming it as your own but I won’t. I’ll simply say yes because it’s a great ■■■■■■■ song.




OK time for my favourite rock band of my youth.

A couple songs all-ready been played but this song is sooooo worthy, I used to love this song being played on rage or mtv. Hearing it instantly takes me back to the angry teenager in me.


Hells YEAH


I nearly played something off Evil Empire last set.

I should have.

As big of a yes as I can give.


I always think, how can they make a song about a sports team so cool? Yes.




It’s funny their debut is the one we all smashed when we were younger. But I go back to evil empire more these days. Better depth musically.


The self-titled is the better album, but Evil Empire is the cooler album.

Those first three tracks… bang bang bang.


I’m a bit meh on this one. Have never been a RATM fan and this does nothing to change my mind. Have a yes because I’ve already used my quota of no’s in your set. (Not true)


Yes to RATM.
Last song reminded me of this:



Good thing there is no cross over with the sex and the hobbits :joy:


And, the Lemon Song is about Sex as well.


That’d make a cracking sob story.


Well I’ve been to the Hobbit House in Manila, not much of a story to tell though. It felt rather exploitative and only had one drink.




6-1 everyone blame the hold up on Klawdy.