The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Cool set, Up. Yes.


I feel like I should say yes

But I guess because it’s friday and it’s awesome weather and instead of good music, good company and happy vibes I’ve been subjected to work and triple m on the radio all day, imma vote no


You would NEVER hear this on MMM.



Maybe not. But it’s turned me into a salty sally.


Never heard that, so I googled.
This was the first hit:


You need to find a better job Davo. I’ve just started work turned the stupid radio off and got DJ King running. Might even watch some sport later.


Quirky YES

DJ up_up (fourth spin)
SONG #1174 Rainbow chaser, by Nirvana

YES: Baker, ham, PP, Hoffy, Rain, Deck, Kira
NO: Davo,





Good lord this might be the oldest song played so far. No to this neolithic nonsense.


This would be right down the bottom of songs in these threads that I’d want to listen to again. NO.


Look. no’s are contagious


Actually thought I was voting for the one before. Should learn to read properly. Oh well, it will have to stand now.

Edit: After a listen, happy to let it stand. Far from the worst thing that’s got through.




Did @up_up get voted off previously for st etiennes he’s on the phone?




See my avatar




What a farking disgrace!!! And it was the motiv8 mix you played?


Single version, 0-10


I just went back for a listen. I’m comfortable with my vote.