The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff



The dj set list spreadsheet in the OP is missing the first 1k or so songs. Is that supposed to be like that?


Never got into Nirvana, no, sorry.


Did you listen to the song?


whys that? I thought both were rubbish in all honesty


You know it’s not that Nirvana.


Yeah, hence I said I never got into both.


Yeah not buying that, nice attempted save.

But na.


Have a good kent yes.


Is this another bully attempt? You’re welcome to think that mate, doesnt bother me


So I’ll be distracted for a bit, this should knock me out- Aussie, female singers, from the 2000s, nice chorus hook-


Ps @anastasios1979 my heir, obviously


Thanks but somebody else will have to line up next. I havent been here for awhile and its not fair on others who are waiting their turn and have been actively participating.

Your avatar is the reason I came back to this thread for the last few days as I recognised the Popular record label - a canadian dance label.


I thought that too at first, it defaults to that position for some reason, but if you sort the column alphabetically they all show.


If, repeat if, this fails, @Paul_Peos for a Blurfest


Aweful hari kari-no


I only go on blitz via mobile and there’s no sorting options. Pain in the anoos.


This turned into a Langers4 set? Good grief, no.


Australian, female singers, so yes from me


Yes to young Sophie Monk.


Seen as honourable in some cultures