The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Yeah sorry forgot to mention, doesn’t work on mobile.


And to think, some people got worked up when I played teenage dirt bag. Not looking so bad now.

This is comfortably, comfortably worse.

Woeful, no.


Teenage dirtbag was woeful. This is unashamed commercial pop of its time, and nowhere near as bad as Teenage Dirtbag, which offends every one of my sensibilities.


No to pre-plastic surgery (lots of it…) Sophie Monk.


Well I never



It’s no Scandal’us.

No, can’t let this one through.




Harakiri NO

DJ up_up (fifth spin)
SONG #1175 Love will find a way, by Bardot

YES: frost, ham,
NO: PP, Crazy, Kj, Baker, Davo, Peos, Hoffy, Kira



What the heck? No!


No to this insulting forfeiture.


@Paul_Peos as before, thanks all, I reckon that song goes ok but can’t say I’m shocked


Great set @up_up, you shouldn’t have tanked it.

Ok, this will be my first artist double-up for the thread, but as nobody else is playing them, im comfortable doing that.

Sh*t name, cool band.


Chomsky sample YES :slight_smile:




Yeah, they’re not a band who make you guess what their political affiliation is.






All sorted.


Good (bonus) song from a poor album.


The good songs on the album are really good, but gosh the filler is terrible.